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. Luxurious Design for Dogs

Dogs are considered mans best friends in most parts of the world. Consequently, dog lovers want their canine friends to have the most optimal living conditions possible beyond the minimum requirements of healthy food, regular movement and toys for training body and brain. This volume shows the amazing breadth of selection and creativity of products to warm the hearts of dogs and owners alike. The ...
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. Living in Wood: Architecture & Interior Design

An important material for many centuries and used in countless diverse ways before being almost despised for a long time in the modern era, wood has now become a source of fascination and inspiration in contemporary architecture. The sustainable and... ...
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Van UffelenChris . Massive, Expressive, Sculptural: Brutalism Now and Then

Buildings designated brutalist in style were largely built in the 1960s and 1970s, exuding an aura of daring, uncompromising design today. It is the French term "brut,“ meaning raw or unrefined, that lent its name to this particular architectural... ...
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Kramer Sibylle . Where Architects Stay: Lodgings for Design Enthusiasts

The combination of architecture and vacations is highly inspiring. It promises relaxation and pleasure, beauty and style, all in one. Each of the vacation domiciles presented here can fulfill even the most discerning demands of a traveling architect.... ...
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Galindo Michelle . British Interior Design

This volume which is part of the Interior Design series crosses the threshold to reveal an evocative and inspiring combination of the traditional and the contemporary from the floral and romantic to the bold, playful and quirky British interiors... ...
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Groote Per von . Theme Hotels

Travel has become an integral part of modern life. Being far from home does not need to be a barrier to travelers feeling at home in a foreign environment; as a matter of fact hotels have become the pioneer in the evolution of modern living... ...
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Kramer Sibylle . Sailing Yachts: The Masters of Elegance and Style

Presents forty sailing yachts, from racers to cruisers, discussing the challenges posed in choosing materials that must withstand the forces of wind and water and the increasingly extravagant wishes of the owners. ...
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Kramer Sibylle . Where Architects Stay in Europe. Lodgings for Design Enthusiasts

None of the jewels presented in this architecture and travel guide resemble any of the others - whether small cottages in hidden locations or luxury apartments in the bustle of life. The selected unique and individual projects appeal to traveling... ...
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Markus Sebastian Braun . Coffee Love

A cafi is a place where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill - that's how UNESCO described the Viennese cafi culture in 2011 as it was named an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Places of coffee consumption of very... ...
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Chris van Uffelen . When a Factory Becomes a Home

Housing shortages and building dereliction are fundamental challenges, concerning also the current architectural landscape. That these problems can be overcome by addressing them together has been proven by the increasingly successful reactivation and... ...
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Chris van Uffelen . Company Gardens. Green Spaces for Retreat & Inspiration

The design of open spaces around a company headquarters or within a company premises are increasingly important - and in some cases now also lucrative - fields of activity in landscape architecture. On the one hand, company gardens fulfill the... ...
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Kramer Sibylle . Nomadic Living: Relocatable Residences

The four walls that we inhabit are far more than just a roof over our heads - it's the place where our personal and unique life is played out with all its complexities and nuances. It is not uncommon when we move to feel regret that we cannot... ...
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Kramer Sibylle . Design Solutions for Urban Densification

The world's metropolises are home to steadily growing populations. Densification measures are one solution to the problems of urbanization, creating inner-city living space where there was none before. The smallest of gaps between buildings is... ...
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. The Sunny Side of Life. Winter gardens, Sunrooms, Greenhouses

Daylight is an important consideration in almost every architectural project. This title presents residential projects in which it is a fundamental feature of the design. The spotlight is on conservatories or winter gardens, built with glazed or... ...
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Markus Sebastian Braun . Atlas of European Architecture

Architecture in Europe has always been characterized by an inimitable variety of style. Also current architecture, from Estonia to Spain, between Norway, Germany and Greece is inspired by the creative interaction of international design trends with... ...
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