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. The Dictator, the Revolution, the Machine

It is commonplace wisdom that from the authoritarian roots of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 grew the gulags and the police state of the Stalinist epoch. The Dictator, the Revolution, the Machine overturns that perspective by showing how the October......
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. The Attempt to Uproot Sunni-Arab Influence: A Geo-Strategic Analysis of the Western, Israeli and Iranian Quest for Domination

In the aftermath of popular uprisings that unleashed the quest for freedom, Arab governments scrambled to limit sectarian divisions, though much of these efforts came to naught. Regrettably, weak governments fell into carefully laid traps, aimed to......
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Michal P. Garapich. London-s Polish Borders: Transnationalizing Class and Ethnicity Among Polish Migrants in London

The figure of the Polish plumber or builder has long been a well-established icon of the British national imagination, uncovering the UK-s collective unease with immigration from Central and Eastern Europe. But despite the powerful impact the......
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Ackroyd Julie. Child Actors on the London Stage, circa 1600: Their Education, Recruitment and Theatrical Success

A legal document dated 1600 for a Star Chamber case titled Clifton vs. Robinson details how boys were abducted from London streets and forcibly held in order to train them as actors for the Blackfriars theatre. No adults were seen on-stage in this......
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. Dealing with the Yugoslav Past: Exhibition Reflections in the Successor States

This fascinating book analyzes the socialist past as represented in the national history museums of the majority of the former Yugoslav states. While traveling to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Macedonia, the study elucidates......
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Boehm Anne . Murachs Visual Basic 2015

- It's a... ...
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King Bruce . An Interesting Life, So Far. Memoirs of Literary and Musical Peregrinations

Finally, Bruce King, acclaimed literary critic, presents his autobiography and offers fascinating insights into his life as bon vivant and literary critic. ...
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