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. Joy and Fun Giftwrap

What is the fitting wrapping for which gift? This book gives the answer and even provides the wrapping material at the same time. Choose from the variety of themes that these beautiful high-quality gift-wrap papers offer from flowers and ornaments to abstract patterns and with simple step-bystep instructions learn the optimal way to wrap your gifts. The variety of motifs will more than meet your d...
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. Andalusia

Designed to provide a detailed exploration into the exceptional array of art and architecture in Andalusia, this captivating volume will surely enthral anyone interested in the region-s buildings, art and history. This brand new edition is in lightweight softcover and features over 600 full-colour illustrations and town plans....
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. Chocolate

Chocolate makes you happy! Whether in a cake, or ice-cream or a classical bar of chocolate, it stands for sensual enjoyment and is the favored sweet treat the world over. Chocolate fans will find everything in this book that they always wanted to know about the food of the gods . Chocolate will inform the reader about the origins of chocolate and its history until its industrial production, with e...
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. Masters Of French Art: Ingres

The volumes in this bibliophile series provide unique portraits of European art history. Readers gain fascinating insights into the artists biographies and their styles of working: Dürer and his famous portraits and altarpieces, the vivid rural scenes of Pieter Bruegel, the great painters of the Italian Renaissance and the mysterious chiaroscuro paintings of Caravaggio....
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Lord Maria . The Story of Music

Chronological presentation of the most important themes More than 150 illustrations with detailed explanations Supplementary cards on special related themes and the history of the events Time lines, illustrations, and maps Index of subjects and names ...
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Abrashev Bozhidar. The World Atlas of Musical Instruments

Throughout human history, music has accompanied us in times of joy and in times of sorrow. This comprehensive encyclopedia is not only a reference work on musical instruments suitable for experts; it also explains the effects and expressive powers of the musical arts. The authors present the various methods of producing sound with great passion, vividly explaining how early musical inventions were...
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Engels Christoph. 1000 Sacred Places

Spanning prehistoric times to the present, 1000 Sacred Places is a richly illustrated guide to the world-s most extraordinary spiritual sites. Holy places and spiritual sites are found throughout the world, and all of them have in common a mysterious drawing power that has held humankind in its spell since the beginnings of time. This book contains detailed information about the world-s religions ...
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Anna C. Krausse. Story of Painting

From the Renaissance to the Present Artistic currents, artists, and techniques in Western art from the Early Renaissance to Anselm Kiefer. Enjoy the development of Western painting in all its diversity on the basis of chosen works accompanied by focused interpretations. Explanations of styles and historical backgrounds, together with artists- biographies, complete this grand synopsis....
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. Fauna and Flora

What is the fitting wrapping for which gift? This book gives the answer-and even provides the wrapping material at the same time.Choose from the variety of themes that these beautiful high-quality gift-wrap papers offer-from flowers and ornaments to... ...
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Blum Dieter . Malakhov

Vladimir Malakhov - this widely acclaimed winner of numerous prizes and dancer of the century delights his public through the rare combination of technical brilliance and lyrical eloquence. His supple, androgynous body combines power and purity, flash... ...
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. Cistercian Abbeys

Thanks to their spirituality, asceticism, technical skills and craftsmanship, the Cistercians became one of the most influential monastic orders of the high Middle Ages. Nine centuries ago, when the dynamic energy of the Benedictine order was... ...
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Borngasser Barbara . Madrid and the Prado. Art and Architecture

The Prado is without doubt for Madrid what the Louvre is for Paris and the Uffizi for Florence. A guidebook through this museum with a knowledgeable commen-tary is therefore essential for really getting to know Madrid. However, this richly illustrated... ...
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Dirk H. Lorenzen. Beautiful Earth. Our Planet Explored from Above

Beautiful, constantly changing yet endangered: this is what our planet looks like from the skies. Beautiful Earth offers a completely new viewpoint on our well-known globe. From fascinating cloud formations caught by weather satellites to erupting......
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