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Salibi Kamal S. Кем был Иисус (на английском языке)

Seeks to uncover the historical figure of Jesus, and explore what it was about his teaching that created a dedicated following that propagated a religion in his name. This book suggests that there may have been a conspiracy between Paul and Peter to disseminate a distorted image of Christ....
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1529 руб.

Englund Peter. The Battle That Shook Europe: Poltava and the Birth of the Russian Empire

-This victory-, exulted Peter the Great, -has laid the final stone in the foundations of St Petersburg!- The Battle of Poltava, 1709, marks the birth of the Tsar-s vast Russian Empire. In 1700, seeking to open Russian trade routes to the West, the Tsar combined with Denmark, Saxony and Poland to attack Swedish hegemony in the North. Against the odds, King Charles XII of Sweden subdued the hostile ...
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2565 руб.

Stewart Jules . Albert

Albert: Prince Consort to Queen Victoria, social and cultural visionary in his own right, was born in the Saxon duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld but defined the culture and direction of 19th century Britain - a superpower at the zenith of its influence -... ...
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1728 руб.

Redford Duncan . A History of the Royal Navy. World War II

The Royal Navy's operations in World War II started on 3 September 1939 and continued until the surrender of Japan in August 1945 - there was no 'phoney war' at sea. The navy played a central role in the evacuation of the retreating... ...
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1530 руб.

Nelson Michael . Queen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera

Queen Victoria fell in love with the Riviera when she discovered it on her first visit to Menton in 1882 and her enchantment with this 'paradise of nature' endured for almost twenty years. Victoria's visits helped to transform the... ...
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1684 руб.

Morgan. A Short History of Transatlantic Slavery

From 1501, when the first slaves arrived in Hispaniola, until the nineteenth century, some twelve million people were abducted from west Africa and shipped across thousands of miles of ocean – the infamous Middle Passage – to work in the colonies of......
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1675 руб.

Short Philip . Mao: The Man Who Made China

One of the great figures of the twentieth century, Chairman Mao looms irrepressibly over the economic rise of China. Mao Zedong was the leader of a revolution, a communist who lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, an aggressive and distrustful... ...
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2003 руб.

Breum Martin . Cold Rush. The Astonishing True Story of the New Quest for the Polar North

The Arctic is heating up. While China, the US and Russia are militarizing the North pole - sending submarines and ice-breakers - the ice itself continues to recede creating new trade routes and new opportunities for mining gas and oil. What is quietly... ...
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