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Nobu Matsuhisa. Nobu Now

Nobu Matsuhisa still stands above all the other great world-class chefs in being the only one who is truly celebrated internationally. His ever-expanding empire of fabulously fashionable restaurants in the USA, UK, Italy and Japan now numbers thirteen and they still remain very much THE places to eat and to be seen in each of those cities. In Nobu Now, he gives readers an exhilarating taste of how...
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1293 руб.

Charlotte Abrahams. Wallpaper: The Ultimate Guide

Wallpaper has never been more desirable. Throughout their 300-year history, patterned paper wallcoverings have alternated wildly between being absolutely -of the moment- or totally out of fashion. Recently, after more than a decade of blank white walls and minimalism, wallpaper has made a grand comeback - and its popularity shows no signs of abating. In this stunning book - the ultimate guide to w...
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1631 руб.

. Vogue on Ralph Lauren

Vogue on Designers is a new series of fashion books from British Vogue which tell the fascinating stories of iconic designers accompanied by world-class photographs and illustrations from the Vogue archive. Like his career trajectory - from Bronx-born tie maker to foremost US designer and head of a multi-million-dollar brand - Ralph Lauren-s fashions embody the American Dream. His genius for inter...
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507 руб.

. Liberty Art Nouveau Notecards

The name Liberty has always been synonymous with innovation and great design. Arthur Liberty s intuitive vision and pioneering spirit led him to travel the world looking for individual pieces to inspire and excite his discerning clientele. His legacy... ...
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731 руб.

. Liberty Set of Boxed Cards

Fabric covered box of 16 notecards and envelopes in Liberty prints. ...
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563 руб.

Shields Niamh . Comfort & Spice

Full-flavoured, generous and easy to reproduce recipes have won food blogger Niamh Shields a huge following as well as critical acclaim (The Times included her in its top ten food bloggers from around the world). Now for the first time her adventurous... ...
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2014 руб.

Martin James. More Home Comforts

More Home Comforts introduces 100 new recipes from James Martin, favourites that you will want to cook time and time again. This brand new book features super-fast Instant Comforts, including Pea and Parmesan Soup and Keralan Prawns; Sharing Comforts......
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1638 руб.

Anand Anjum . I Love India. Recipes and stories from morning to midnight, city to coast, and past to present

In this, her eighth book, Anjum Anand presents her absolute favourite dishes from all over India. This is her tribute to her homeland, to its extraordinary food culture, drawn from its diverse regions as well as from a host of traders, settlers and... ...
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1202 руб.

Murray Pippa . Pip & Nut. The Nut Butter Cookbook

Nut butter is the new superfood. You're now as likely to see almond butter as peanut butter on supermarket shelves everywhere. It's a fabulous, high-protein option for those looking to avoid both dairy and palm oil, as well as tasting... ...
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788 руб.

Olivo Geraldine . Detox Waters. 80 simple infusions for health and vitality

Discover how to marry spring water, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices to create delicious, detoxifying flavoured waters that are packed with health-enhancing vitamins and antioxidants to purify, fight against bloating and aid weight loss. Increase... ...
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1311 руб.

Gyngell Skye . How I Cook. An inspiring collection of recipes, revealing the secrets of Skye's home cooking

Entertaining needn't be time-consuming or demanding. Discover the pleasure of cooking for family and friends as bestselling author; Skye Gyngell shares her secrets and techniques to what make her dishes so special. Turning her attention to the... ...
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1802 руб.

Phipps Catherine . Citrus. Recipes that celebrate the sour and the sweet

Citrus fruits are the most exiciting family of ingredients with which to cook. They satisfy almost every part of the palate - sweet, sour, bitter, and umami-enhancing, how many other foods are as versatile and transformative? From the smallest squeeze... ...
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698 руб.

. Tricia Guild Pattern Cards

One of the world's foremost interior designers, Tricia Guild is known for her bold and original fabric and wallpaper collections and her extraordinary ability to use colour and pattern. This stationery collection captures fresh motifs and themes,... ...
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2014 руб.

Parsons Kimberley . The Yoga Kitchen

The Yoga Kitchen teaches you that by eating holistic recipes you can nourish your mind, strengthen your body and bring more balance into your life. All the recipes are vegetarian and gluten-free, allowing you to improve your health, build your... ...
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1939 руб.

Osborne E.J. . Spoon Carving

Hatchet + Bear Spoon Carving demonstrates how with three basic tools - an axe and two knives - you can shape a small tree branch into a simple, honest utensil. But while the process is relatively simple, the effects of this craft are profound. EJ... ...
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2014 руб.

Thomson Claire . The Art of the Larder

The Art of the Larder presents 150 dishes that offer everyday meal solutions, all with storecupboard basics at their heart. An organized, methodical and economical kitchen cupboard can be life-changing. Knowing that you can always have a simple,... ...
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619 руб.

. Liberty Spring Florals Notebook

The name Liberty has always been synonymous with innovation and great design. Arthur Liberty s intuitive vision and pioneering spirit led him to travel the world looking for individual pieces to inspire and excite his discerning clientele. His legacy... ...
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450 руб.

. Liberty Notecard Box

A box of 12 Liberty cards and envelopes, three different designs and sizes. ...
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1638 руб.

Martin James . James Martin's French Adventure

James Martin's French Adventure showcases the superstar chef's handpicked favourite recipes from the series and sees him journey the length and breadth of the country, sampling the very best food France has to offer. Along the way he cooks... ...
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2331 руб.

Meller Gill . Gather

Gather is a cookbook that celebrates simplicity and nature, both in ingredients and cooking styles. Head Chef at River Cottage for 10 years, Gill Meller... ...
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3306 руб.

Guild Tricia . Colour Deconstructed

In Colour Deconstructed, Tricia Guild aims to unlock the secrets of her distinctive style. Why are we drawn to certain colours and patterns? Where does inspiration come from and, most importantly, how do we translate that into a workable plan for our... ...
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2331 руб.

Hahnemann Trine . Scandinavian Comfort Food

The Scandinavians excel in comfort - family, friends, a good atmosphere, long meals, relaxation and an emphasis on simple pleasures. They even have a word for this kind of cosiness that comes with spending quality time in hearth and home when the days... ...
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1343 руб.

Olivera Ishtar . I Heart Stamping

Stamping has long been a craft of popular choice, for it's simplicity and versatility. Accessible to crafters of all abilities, lino block printing is not only cheap and easy to do at home, it allows you to get creative and personalise your own... ...
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