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Iain R. Webb. Bill Gibb: Fashion and Fantasy

Crowned ‘Designer of the Year’ by Vogue in 1970, Bill Gibb (1943–1988), barely out of college two years and yet to launch his eponymous line, was to become a major name in fashion history. Gibb’s career was prolific, and truly visionary at its finest, but sadly short-lived. His legacy, continued relevance and importance as a designer is apparent today in the work of designers from Giles Deacon to ...
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Sonnet Stanfill. New York Fashion

Focusing on up-and-coming designers and their contributions to the changing fashion industry in the vibrant climate of New York city, New York Fashion explores the city’s importance as a fashion capital in the 21st century. Tracing New York’s emergence after the Second World War as a major international fashion centre and looking at the important designers of the period, including Claire McCardell...
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2232 руб.

Svetlana A. Amelekhina. Magnificence of the Tsars: Ceremonial Men-s Dress of the Russian Imperial Court 1721-1917

The grandeur of Imperial Russia is captured in this spectacular book featuring the dress and uniforms of Emperors and officials of the Russian court. Starting in the 1730s with lavishly embroidered coats and elaborately patterned silk banyans from the wardrobe of Tsar Peter II and spanning a period of almost two centuries, these garments document a unique dialogue between military uniform, court d...
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Ghislaine Wood. Surreal Things: Surrealism and Design

Surrealism was one of the most influential movements of the twentieth century and had a profound impact on all forms of culture. It was a philosophy and a way of life for some of the most brilliant artists of the century. This is the first book to examine in depth its impact in the wider fields of design and the decorative arts and its sometimes uneasy relationship with the commercial world. From ...
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Hardy Amies. ABC of Men-s Fashion

This bestselling fashion classic now available in cloth-bound special edition. Illustrated with delightful photographs and drawings, this beautiful book is the perfect gift for both the style-conscious and the desperately in need! Hardy Amies- skilful eye guides you safely through style decisions on everything from blazers and brogues to skiing and sandals....
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3899 руб.

North Susan. Seventeenth-Century Women-s Dress Patterns 1

This innovative and breathtakingly detailed book from the V&A presents dress patterns, construction details, embroidery, and making instructions (including a knitting pattern and lacemaking) for 15 garments and accessories from a 17th-century......
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3306 руб.

. The House of Worth

Legendary British-born designer Charles Frederick Worth (1825–1895), with enormous talent for design and promotion, built his fashion house into an empire during the last quarter of the 19th century—the first busi­ness of its kind with global......
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. Bawden, Ravilious and the Artists of Great Bardfield

In 1925, the artists Edward Bawden and Eric Ravilious moved to the village of Great Bardfield in the countryside of Essex, England. Over time, other artists came to the village, forming a community of artists and designers that remains active today.......
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. Seventeenth Century Women-s Dress

Book Two in the V&A’s groundbreaking new series presents 17 patterns for garments and accessories from a 17th-century woman’s wardrobe. It includes patterns for a loose gown, a jacket, a pair of stays and a boned bodice, ivory and wooden busks,......
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4408 руб.

. Art Deco 1910 - 1939

Art deco—the style of the flapper, the luxury ocean liner, and the skyscraper—came to epitomize the glamour, luxury, and hedonism of the Jazz Age. It burst onto the world stage at the 1925 Exposition internationale des art decoratifs et industriels... ...
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Cullen Oriole . V&A Pattern. Pop Patterns (+ CD-ROM)

This attractive series reveals the V&A's spectacular and extensive pattern collections. Each title in the series includes a free CD of high resolution images. Pop Patterns showcases Warhol's influence on commercial design in the 1970s... ...
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1278 руб.

. Che Guevara. Revolutionary and Icon

The photograph of Ernesto "Che" Guevara by Alberto Korda, taken on 5 March 1960, is thought to be the most reproduced image in the history of photography. It has become an icon, symbolising anti-establishment thought and action, as relevant... ...
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Hutt Julia . Japanese Netsuke

The Japanese netsuke is a thing of wonder: a utilitarian accessory to traditional Japanese dress that has become an art form in itself, prized by collectors from East to West. The V&A's collection of netsuke is world-famous, and this stunning... ...
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911 руб.

Geoffrey C. Munn . Tiaras. Past and Present

Originally published to accompany the popular exhibition at the V&A, and now available for the first time in paperback, Tiaras is a sparkling celebration of these beautiful jewels. Featuring diadems, wreaths and head-dresses and ranging from... ...
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4450 руб.

Osma Guillermo De . Mariano Fortuny

The most complete book to date on Mariano Fortuny (1871 - 1949) - painter, etcher, photographer, set designer, reformer of theatrical stage lighting, inventor and designer of furniture and fashion. Mariano Fortuny was a visionary designer and artist -... ...
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Suhashini Sinha . Kalighat Paintings

Kalighat painting developed in the vicinity of the Kali temple in Kolkata, India, in the mid-nineteenth century. The paintings were completed on mill-made paper, stripped of decoration and traditionally feature only one or two characters. Kalighat... ...
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3306 руб.

Korvenmaa Pekka . Finnish Design. A Concise History

In 1961 the V&A held the hugely popular exhibition Finlandia (pictured right) showcasing the best of Finland's applied art and design. Today, the V&A's collections continue to reflect the country's extraordinarily rich material... ...
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3857 руб.

. Frida Kahlo. Making Her Self Up

In 1954, following Frida Kahlo's death at the age of 47, Diego Rivera, Kahlo's husband and Mexican muralist, requested that her possessions be sealed in various cupboards and storerooms throughout the Blue House in Mexico City, where Kahlo... ...
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1170 руб.

Dior. Dior by Dior

Christian Dior (1905–1957) rocketed to fame with his first collection in 1947 when the “New Look” took the world by storm. This charming autobiography gives fascinating and detailed insight into the workings of a great fashion house, while revealing......
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. Opera. Passion, Power and Politics

Opera is traditionally regarded as an elitist art form far removed from reality by it's fantastical pots and melodramatic divas. This book shows that beneath the opulent sets and sumptuous costumes, opera is very much a product of its time. Like... ...
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2755 руб.

Breward Christopher . British Design from 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age

This landmark book celebrates the best of British design, documenting the transformation of Britain's design landscape since 1948. Alongside essays by leading curators and commentators, British Design From 1948 presents the work of key... ...
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